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Brütal Indigo

Dear Movie Theaters,

Recently, some friends and I wanted to see The Conjuring. Unfortunately, the film was rated R, and because we have yet to turn seventeen, we were denied entry into the movie.

While I understand some of the reasoning behind this inconvenience, you should cut it out. Really. I get that you don’t want the average Lil’ Baby Sheltered to see anything even remotely unsettling or controversial, but do I look like Lil’ Baby Sheltered?

The answer is no, you don’t, Mr. Indigo. I imagine that my height would be a giveaway, or maybe perhaps that fact that I don’t look six. The fact that we had paid for the tickets, driven ourselves to theater, and politely handed the usher our tickets, only to be turned away was nothing less than humiliating, and a pain in my indigo ass. 

Now, this is for a few reasons. Mainly…

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