An informational blog about indigos and other starchildren, brought to you by Emerging Indigos staff.


My name is Raven Thirdeye (an alias of course). I am the founder of the Emerging Indigos website, and the admin for its forums.
Originally EI was supposed to be fairly simple. It was a website and forum for indigos only; I’d post whatever relevant information I could find on them on the site, and on that same site accept applications for membership.
This worked for a little while. But then, the info on indigos online became harder and harder to find; I was forced to stop updating the website.
Then, I accumulated a few members on the forums – and was happy. However I soon came to realize the complications of having nothing but indigos for members; stranger anxiety and trust issues began to have an effect on the activity levels, and the forums became like a ghost town.
Being an indigo adult myself, I understood what was happening as I was experiencing it myself. I realized too late I wasn’t the only one.
I tried everything I could think of to resolve this issue, to no avail. Then I realized what needed to be done – to balance everything out, I needed to start accepting the other starchildren, too. Crystals, rainbows, every starchild of any kind is now welcomed. So do not let the name fool you.
This blog will reflect EI’s new policy, as well. I will post any and all information I find about all starchildren here – with credit, of course, to the ones who originally shared it. I will also make posts with the information I have gathered on my journey over the years, that is relevant. This will include, for example: what spirit guides are and what to do with them, the names of some useful literature on starchildren and spirituality (plus reviews of them!), spiritual awakening and ascension, synchronicity, the correct way to use Tarot cards, how to psychically shield yourself, how to ground yourself, the connection between what you eat and what products you use and spiritual awareness, and how to energetically cleanse your home, among other things.
I sincerely hope you enjoy reading what I share here as much as I enjoyed writing it, and are able to find it useful as well.

Raven Thirdeye

P.S. – On the contact us page you will also find all the info you need to contact me directly (if you so wish to) and also links to EI’s official site (currently under construction to implement the new policy), as well as links to EI’s official social media page(s). And yes, we are now accepting any and all applications for membership (for any type of starchild) while undergoing this transition. Thank you for taking the time to not only read this far, but for understanding this transitional time. Please bear with us. Thanks again, everyone.


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  1. Hey, Raven, thanks for the follow and re-blog. I’m liking what you have going here; looking forward to reading!

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