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Just a few minutes ago, I integrated a Goodreads widget onto my sidebar (under the category thingies). I will be using Goodreads as a way to recommend books to you guys, and eventually to cross-post reviews about said books back over here. Seemed to be the least complicated way to do it. 🙂 Hope you find some awesome reads this way! Enjoy.

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How I Surrender

Awakening Journey


During my spiritual journey, one of the most difficult practices is the practice of surrender.  What I have discovered about the key to surrender is our intention to accept our circumstances.  This acceptance is not just something done only within our conscious minds, it becomes our belief within us.  This belief within is powerful, as it can manifest what we wish, such as find the love of our life, find the job of our dreams, or find our chosen path and careers.

This is how it works.  We first have awareness of our situation that we must accept, then that thought is reinforced by our actions, and that thought is repeated again and again in our minds. In psychotherapy, it is called positive affirmation by repeating and reinforcing these positive thoughts.   After some time that thought becomes a belief that is then internalized within ourselves as our truth.  We…

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Keep the energy raised

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Welcome and thank you all my new followers! Here’s a nice picture as a thank you gift. I hope you enjoy it!

Edit: This counts as my tenth post now according to WordPress. And I started this blog.. 2 days ago. Wow. Congrats to me! Lol