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About Being an Empath and How to Deal with Being One

About Being an Empath and How to Deal with Being One


Stumbled on this surprisingly good web post on empaths. It’s taught me, as an empath, a few new things just by reading the first page. 

Strange how you always find the information you need most in the most unexpected of places. Anyway, thought I should share this for all you fellow empaths out there.




The Healing Sphere Blogger Index

The Healing Sphere Blogger Index


Stumbled upon this after an interesting – and slightly frightening – psychic experience.

A lot of useful information here for the ones just begining their spiritual journey, or even old pros who wish to brush up their knowledge and learn a few things in the process.

I hope you all enjoy it.


– Raven






Definition of star children.

Definition of star children.

Definition of what star children are by Nikki Pattillo on starchildren.


How to Tell if You Are Indigo.

How to Tell if You Are Indigo.

By my friend Sophie Gubb. 🙂


Spirit Science 2 – Chakras

The basics of chakras.


Spirit Science Four – Male and Female Energy

A video by Spirit Science about male and female energy, and also how indigo children factor into it.


The Indigo Files (Sunfell)

Some useful information about indigos as well as crystals/octarines (indigos undergoing transition into crystal). Has a lot of information even I didn’t know about. Good stuff, but I’d consider it more advanced.

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